Produce Quality Music on Your iPhone with these 5 Cool Apps

Creating music has never been more accessible these days. Who would’ve thought ten years ago that you could fit an entire quiver of musical instruments and record them right on the palm of your hand? Countless high-quality sounding instruments that could take up the entirety of your garage now fits inside your pocket. Click here if you have an Android device.

Here is a list of the FIVE coolest apps to produce music with good quality using your iPhone:

Audiobus 3
Akai iMPC PRO 2
KORG Gadget 2

There may be a bunch of recording apps out there, but nothing compares to these five apps. We tried, tested and handpicked these five for you, in terms of their quality, price, and user-friendly user interface.


(Price: $9.99)

Let’s start the list with the Audiobus 3. Well, this app is not exactly a DAW, but it probably might be an essential audio app on iOS. This app links all of your favorite music apps. It lets you stack your favorite sounds and effect plug-ins and record them straight to your preferred DAW.

Being compatible with most of your favorite music apps, the power of Audiobus is superb. The possibilities in this app are endless.


  • Send live audio from one app to another– Send audio from different apps like a chain
  • Stack up sounds and effects-Stack effects on the primary sound or stack two different instruments and record directly to your favorite DAW.
  • Midi connectivity– Connect any midi controller to play your favorite instruments from your favorite apps.
  • Midi learn- Assign parameters to a midi controller for easier control adjustments.


(Price: $4.99)

For all you MOOG fans out there, here is a $10,000 modular synth integrated to fit inside your iPhone. It captures the sound of the classic Moog synthesizer. It contains purely editable sounds, a diverse library of timbres and oscillators both for vintage and modern and features an X/Y pad to explore more capabilities. There are no limits to creativity with this app.

It started with the iPad, but now they made one for the iPhone. The spacey-looking user interface on the Animoog is just flat out fantastic.


  • Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE)- Moog’s newest technology that allows the user to move dynamically through the use of its X/ Y pad to produce unique sounds.
  • Timbre Page- Assemble unique sounds using the X/ Y pads for additional vintage and modern tones.
  • Polyphonic Modulation- Slide your fingers on the special keyboard to emulate the sounds of a synthesizer’s modulation wheel.
  • Polyphonic Pitch Shifting– Easily manipulate the exact pitch of each note of a chord by simply sliding your fingers.
  • Delay Module– Classic analog ping-pong delay.
  • Midi– Control Animoog through the use of your midi controller and assign parameters for smooth modulation.
  • Audiobus Compatibility– You can connect it with Audiobus to stack more sounds to an already unique synthesizer app.

You can control Animoog with a midi controller, but the unique keyboard modulation on the touchscreen can produce way more unique sounds.


(Price: $8.99)

This DAW for iPhone fuses innovative music creation with the iconic MPC workflow. You can add, edit, and crop your favorite samples to the pads and record them onto tracks. The User interface of this app looks remarkable. The modern interface is beautiful, and you wouldn’t believe the amazing features this app has.

A massive improvement from its predecessor the iMPC PRO, iMPC Pro 2 has a wide array of effects and features.


  • Audio Tracks- With the MPC you can trigger the pads to play the tracks and use the effects pad to manipulate the sounds of the tracks. You can time warp, pitch shift, and re-arrange audio clips in real-time.
  • Trigger Pads– With 16 unique trigger pads and four different banks, you can load up to 64 different samples on one song. Not only that, you can use Spotify songs for samples.
  • Sound Packs- the sound packs and presets that come free with this app are amazing. The punchy 808’s to the danceable, melodic stabs. This app is designed for musicians and beatmakers alike.
  • iMPC UNIVERSITY– When you purchase this app, it comes with a free course that teaches you to master and utilize the app, so you get to maximize the capabilities of this fantastic app.

I personally love this app. I use this to record music on my computer. You can also assign pads to a midi controller to use it as a launchpad when playing live.


(Price: $19.99)

KORG GADGET 2 is one of the best music apps out there. It features over 40 different gadgets in one incredible app. Imagine having 40 different types of synthesizers in your bedroom studio. This is what KORG GADGET 2 is all about.

This all in one music production app has it all, and you know that KORG is well-known in making quality synths and keyboards.


  • New updated User Interface– KORG Gadget’s newly updated UI the user can easily switch from gadget to gadget and quickly check each track. The UI is designed for users to have the ultimate ease in creating music.
  • Instrument Collection– KORG Gadget 2 has over 40 different gadgets to choose from, including compact synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, audio, MIDI utilities, and more. This app can create music for EDM, rock pop, jazz, dubstep. It features the Kingston Gadget that gives the user a nostalgic feeling with 8bit chiptunes from the childhood videogames they used to play.
  • Hardware Link– Users can link most of their favorite hardware to KORG Gadget, like their hardware synths, samplers, rhythm machines, and more. The seamless and low latency midi connection of gadget is FLAWLESS.
  • Use with Favorite Device– You can use KORG Gadget with Mac and PC via a plug-in, and your Nintendo Switch. You can share your ideas through iCloud and Ableton live connect.

With all the cool features with this app, you are sure to spend hours and hours creating your music.


(Price: FREE)

Last but not least, Garageband is one of iOS’s staple apps, and it comes free for when you purchase your iPhone. It comes with a variety of different instruments and loops, Garageband will surely astonish you with its features.

It is effortless to play, record, and share your music with this amazing app.


  • Live Loops– One of my favorite features in Garageband is the live loops feature. With this feature,  you can simply tap cells to launch beats and layer them. You can use it at parties to impress your friends and pretend you’re a professional DJ. With the live effects, you can easily manipulate the sounds with its filter, reverb, delay, and chop effects. 

You could also use it to maximize workflow when recording like in the iMPC PRO 2.

  • Drum Sequencer- the drum sequencer makes it easy for the user to program drums for their songs. With the lines perfectly aligns with your tempo, you will surely never miss a beat. (Pun not intended)
  • AMP Collection– Garageband features a list of fantastic guitar and bass amps. From dreamy space reverb amps to your ROCK-AND-ROLL hi-gain amps, to your clean jazzy amps for whatever you’re in the mood to create.
  • Synth Collection– Garageband includes Alchemy, one of the world’s most advanced synthesizers. Apple has hundreds of editable presets you will surely enjoy plus the classic synth sounds of the ’80s.
  • Sound Library- Apple introduces the sound library. It contains over eight sound packs from different genres that are absolutely free. It features world music from Japanese instruments to your classic Roland 808’s.


With the release of the Audiobus 3 app, several app developers created effect plug-ins or third party apps perfect for enhancing the tracks you record. Here are a couple of the best effect plug-ins for your iPhone compatible with Audiobus 3.

NEBULIZER- This is a delay app that has numerous controls like level, feedback, filter, time, and mix. The Nebulizer is a free delay. It also has midi learn so you can assign the parameters to your midi controller.

FROBULATOR- This is a space reverb plugin that sounds remarkable. The spacey tone is perfect for the ambient sounds you want to produce. It is free in the app store.

MUCKRAKER- A heavy dirt effect plug-in that is perfect for Rocking. Try stacking it up on a synth lead sound, and you will surely get heads turning and faces melting. The Muckraker is also free in the app store.

MOOG FILTATRON (Price: $4.99) – The Filtatron is a realtime audio filter and effects engine. It has a variety of knobs for adjusting LFO, DELAY, MIX, ATTACK, RESONANCE, etc. It also has an X/Y pad to modulate your synth sound in real-time by only moving your fingers around.


For producing music with these apps mentioned, you can create music anywhere and everywhere, all your going to need is your creative mind and your iPhone. If you’re a music producer and your inspiration strikes, you can use these apps to record on the fly.

To learn how to connect a midi controller to your iPhone click here.

Recording good quality music or radio-ready music on your phone will be challenging. Your phone may not have as much power as a computer, but anything is possible with these cool apps.

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