How to Record Quality Music Using Your Android Device

Android phones are a lot more customizable than iOS devices. These devices have a developer mode for that brings out the geek inside of you. However, for using it as a musical instrument, it might have problems in terms of latency and accuracy. Recording, on the other hand, is different. It is possible to produce quality music on the Android same as you will do on an iOS device.

To record quality music using an android device, you need to:

  • Choose a capable android device
  • Download the best apps for music production
  • Learn how to use music production apps
  • Use a suitable audio interface for recording guitar tracks and vocals
  • Connect a midi device if necessary
  • Take time to mix and master tracks
  • Share with your friends and have fun


Mobile music recording is becoming a thing now, and this article aims to guide you on how you can record quality music with your Android device.

There are a lot of reasons why you want to record audio using an android phone. Sometimes the best ideas come when you are not in the studio, for example—you are on vacation, and you don’t have your studio equipment with you. There are ways you can still save your ideas by using your phone.

The purpose can also be because music is your passion, and you want to be able to create it on any medium. I think it is artistic to create music using different mediums and tools. Such as artists make art out of anything.

Recording audio can not only be limited to music. With the right tools, you can also create podcasts and enhance the quality of sound for your YouTube videos and other projects.

Whatever the purpose is, this article will help you get the best quality an android phone has to offer in terms of recording audio.

Recording audio on your Android device is suitable for:

  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube Covers
  • Music Production

First up, you need to choose a capable device.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Price: $950 to $1,550) Large top-notch display

Wireless charging

Less latency with an upgraded processor

High-speed internet

Longer battery life

8 to 12GB RAM
The Galaxy S10 is a big improvement for Android devices. Normally android devices lack the power for recording music, but with the Samsung Galaxy S10, it is capable of producing music like the iPhone. Wireless charging can boost productivity, especially when recording music. This phone is a game-changer for Android devices. The Memory of this device is significantly higher than most computers.
Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price: $700) 6.4-inch HD display

Bluetooth powered S-Pen

PC extension

Snapdragon Processor

The 6GB RAM and SnapDragon processor of this phone can match most Windows computers and laptops. The size of the RAM gives this phone the capacity to record quality music with the right tools. The gorgeous 6.4- inch display and S Pen gives you the ability to multi-task and easily create music with maximum workflow.
Google Pixel 3 (Price: $450) Quality LED display

Snapdragon 845 Processor


5.5” display

Maximum Security

Long battery life
The maximum RAM of this phone is suitable for recording high-quality audio. The Pixel 3 shares the same processor as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which allows the phone to make almost the same applications for a significantly lower price. The security of this phone is excellent. You will never doubt getting hacked. It is a cheaper option if you want to record quality music with an android device.
Huawei P30 PRO (Price: $800) 1080 x 2340 resolution

4200mAh battery

8GB ram

512GB maximum storage

Android 9.0 OS  
This full-screen phone has no distractive buttons, and it might be the most simplistic and sophisticated Android phone yet. Besides the aesthetic, the P30 Pro is a powerful phone for different applications such as recording music. The long-lasting battery life makes working on this phone more efficient and productive.
OnePlus 7 Pro (Price: $400) 6.67” screen size

Android 9 OS

12GB Maximum RAM

4,000mAh battery

Snapdragon 885 Processor

256GB maximum storage space
This mobile device is an affordable android phone that is capable of a lot of applications such as record music. Being ranked in a lot of lists for the best Android in 2019, the One Plus 7 PRO is an excellent choice for recording music using an Android device. The long-lasting battery and huge display are worth the money for this phone.


FL STUDIO MOBILE (Price: $16) High-Quality Synthesizers

High-Quality Samples

High-Quality Drum tracks

Sliced-loop beats

Configurable Piano and Keyboard

MIDI controller Support

Audio Recording and Import/export

High-quality audio engine

Tons of effects

Piano roll MIDI editor

Export songs as MP3 or WAV
The FL Studio for mobile devices is a full-blown DAW with tons of features. The User interface is very simple and straightforward for easy use. It is one of the best multi-track recording apps available for your android device. The app supports Midi connections that allow you to assign the Parameters to knobs for east tweaking. It features a wide selection of virtual instruments that are good for live playing and high-quality music production. Tons of effects are available like chorus, distortion, compressor, limiter, graphic equalizer, flanger, reverb, filter, delay, phaser, and many more.
CAUSTIC 3 (Price: Free with in-app purchases) Optimized for mobile

14 synth machines including








VocoderFM synth


The Caustic 3 is more like the iOS’ KORG Gadget 2 that offers different kinds of gadgets that contains hundreds of presets altogether. The Caustic 3 has everything you need for production as well as live music playing for the Android. This app also features effects which you can mount two per each device. With a mixer and equalizer for each track and one master track. The song sequencer feature allows you to arrange a full-length song easily.   The Caustic 3 supports most of your favorite MIDI controllers and audio interfaces. For high quality, the sample rate supports up to 24-bit quality. That is the standard of excellent music quality.


Mastering apps for mobile devices are much more comfortable than a computer. Mobile apps are much less complicated; the touchscreen helps with the ease of access.

Just learn how to record, add effects, and export your tracks, then your good to go.

The fewer apps you use, the better. A lot of audio processing can affect the output of your audio tracks. What you want is for your audio tracks to sound more natural. The FL Studio Mobile is a full-blown DAW for the Android, and it may have most of what you need to produce music.

You are still going to need to master it with different apps but keep your processing at a minimum. The trick to this is always to get the best quality for the raw file. For example—when recording guitar and vocals, always make sure it is at its best. By doing this, you won’t compromise the quality when you edit, mix, and master the final track.


To record quality vocals and instruments on your Android phone, try these Audio interfaces. These audio interfaces work primarily for mobile devices and have a sampling rate converter for better quality recording up to 24-bit.


(price: $99.99)

Besides the compact size, it can record fantastic audio.  It can also connect it to your mobile phone and record music wherever you are if inspiration strikes. This audio interface is a small but powerful interface for computer and mobile recording.


  • Headphone jack
  • Amp output
  • Guitar input
  • LED indicators
  • Gain control


 (price: $99.99)

This device is a high-quality signal capturing audio interface. It is compact so; it won’t take a lot of space on your desk, and you can also use it for mobile recording. The low-noise feature is essential for getting the most out of your record.


  • 2 inputs
  • XLR input
  • Crystal power preamp
  • ¼” guitar input
  • 24-bitKHz response


(Price: $159)

Apogee Jam is one of the best mobile interfaces right now. It is small and compact so you can record live audio wherever you are. This device is seamless and will work well with android devices.


  • Connect guitars and bass to iOS devices and Android devices
    • A clear signal for better quality recording
    • USB input
    • Headphone jack
    • LED indicators for precise level adjustment
    • Works with most iOS audio apps
    • Little to zero latency for monitoring and recording


You can use any condenser microphone to work with your mobile audio interface. There are two types you can buy, a mic with a USB connection or an XLR connection.

A mic with a USB connection can connect directly to an android device, while microphones with an XLR connection must go through your mobile audio interface.

For better results, you should use the XLR mic connection. A mic that goes through an audio interface sounds a lot better, plus, you will need the interface for recording your instruments anyway.


AKAI MPK MINI MK II (PRICE: $89) 25 velocity-sensitive keys

Eight fully assignable trigger pads with two banks

16 fully assignable knobsFour user programs

Octave switch

Modulation and pitch joystick

Free software included
The Akai MPK MINI has incredible features like most analog synthesizers. Most beginner and intermediate producers use this product for creating music or recording live music. To edit the pads, you still need to connect to a computer. This MIDI controller will work with FL Studio for Android and other DAWS. However, depending on your android device, there might be latency. Make sure you use a high-end android device like the ones I showed you.
NOVATION LAUNCHPAD (Price: $150) Ableton Live connectivity

64 RGB pads with LED

Samples pre-loaded

Assignable pads

Loop machine

Volume and pan knobs
This device is a party machine. Great for EDM, Dubstep and trap music. Play live with this thing by triggering samples that match tempo so you would never miss a beat. This device can be used with apps like FL STUDIO MOBILE. You can easily assign samples to the launchpad and play live MPC style.
NOVATION LAUNCHKEY MINI (Price: $89) 16 fully assignable, LED indicating trigger pads

25 velocity-sensitive keys

Eight fully assignable knobs

Free Software included  
The Launchkey Mini is an excellent choice for more electronic-driven music. It is a combination of a midi keyboard controller and Novation’s Launchpad.  This device is like the launchpad, but it features a MIDI keyboard with the 16 pads. It will work with most Android DAWs.


Mixing and mastering the tracks may be the most challenging part of the process. Good thing most apps have made it easier and sometimes do the work for you.

This process is making the final adjustments, in FL Studio, you can add effects and equalize the master tracks and do it on individual tracks. You can also download a separate app for mastering.


(Price: Free)

The MasteringBox gives you the power to master your tracks in easy steps. It is an automatic mastering app that automatically adjusts the levels and equalizes your master tracks. You can also upload your tracks individually; for example, you only want to master your vocals. You only need to upload your vocal track, learn it, then take it back to your DAW.



Typically, the sample packs you get for free in the apps you purchase are mixed and mastered with high quality. You are allowed to use these samples for your songs (royalty-free) because you already bought them. 

So, instead of trying to record a high-quality sample, edit the samples that you already have. The samples that were pre-mastered for you. The tracks you arrange with pre-mastered samples will sound good if you mix them with some of the stuff that you created.


Recording music does take a lot of trials and errors, especially on a mobile device such as an android. This article is aimed to give you the best results for better quality music, but it doesn’t mean you can record an album using the Android.

However, it can be possible with the apps we showed you. If the iPhone can do it, the Android can too.


Some say that an android can’t work as a musical instrument as the iPhone can, but I have discovered that there is a workaround that theory.

A suitable audio interface can always do the trick. An audio interface not only allows you to record instruments and vocals directly to a computer or mobile device. It also converts and translates the sampling rate to get little to no latency.

With no latency, it is now possible to use your Android device as either a guitar effects processor or a sound engine for your MIDI device.


The Android phone is also suitable for recording YouTube covers for your channel, use your audio interface to record the audio for better listening quality. Then apply another device for recording video.

You can easily sync the audio and video into one file with a video editing app. By doing this, the audio quality of your music covers is better, and that could get you more followers.


If you are a blogger or want to start a Video Blog, recording quality audio can attract followers. Some Vlogs have low-quality audio, and it is hard to hear and watch. With an Android device, you can record quality audio for your Vlog or Podcast.

Make sure you get a USB Microphone Condenser for much better results.


For better results, you can always transfer the recorded file to a computer for better mixing and mastering. Computer software is better than mobile apps, but the only reason you used an android for initial recording is that you are not at your home studio.

Mobile recording, however, with the right knowledge, skill, and equipment can match anything that a computer can do thanks to the ever-growing technology.


Don’t get too frustrated with the process of recording. If you don’t get the best quality from an Android phone, you can always switch to a computer or a different device. The main point of this article is for you to learn and know that an Android device is capable of recording quality audio, just like the iPhone. To learn how to produce music on an iPhone, Click here.

 All you need is to enjoy creating, and you can get just about any device to work at its best. I hope you learned how to maximize the quality of your music on an android device! If you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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