7 Useful Accessories you Need for Your Bedroom Music Studio

Recording music has never been this easy and accessible, from having to have big isolated rooms with large and expensive recording equipment to just having a computer and software and record your material in the comfort of your bedroom.

Assuming you have all the essential equipment for recording (computer, audio interface, mics, monitors, instruments, midi, etc.), here is a list of 7 useful accessories for your bedroom music studio:

1. Mic Isolation Sheild

(Price: Under $50)

Let’s face it; if you’re recording your music inside your bedroom, you can’t afford to fill up the entire space with big stuff or better yet dividing your room for vocal isolation. So here is the best solution for your problems, a MIC ISOLATION SHEILD.

WHY IT IS USEFUL: Ambient and reflected sound that comes from vibrations can distort the audio when recording vocal tracks. A mic shield can help block and filter unwanted sounds from blemishing your track so you can produce better quality audio whether your recording a podcast or vocal tracks.

Side tip: if you have a small room, you can get a foldable isolation shield that can fit on your desk.

2. Acoustic Foam Panel

(Price: under $20)

You wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of having to soundproof your entire bedroom to get a more organic sound. It will break serious bank, and it is such a hassle. Just get an ACOUSTIC FOAM PANEL, and you’ll be good to go.

WHY IT IS USEFUL: A foam panel can help reduce waves, reverb, and flutter echo in smaller size rooms. It is essential for sound dampening, acoustic treatment, and noise reduction for not just a bedroom recording studio, but your home theater and office.

Side tip: you can use egg trays from a supermarket, and they work just as well. To stick it on your wall, you can get reusable moon tape that doesn’t leave any of the sticky residues.

3. Velcro Wire Straps

(Price: $1)

Some people are more productive when everything is well-organized, VELCRO WIRE STRAPS can surely take care of keeping your cables and wires in place. Unlike zip ties, Velcro wire straps you can reuse when you need to adjust your wiring. Also, it doesn’t fall off when you un- attach the Velcro! COOL RIGHT?

WHY IT IS USEFUL: It is useful for keeping your guitar cables, XLR cables, adapters, USB chords, etc. in place, and organized. It is easy to use and re-use, and at the same time, you’re helping to save the environment without having to use zip ties that you can only use once then gets thrown in the trash.

Side tip: you can get them in different colors so you can color-code the end of each cable wire/ you could get these at a dollar store.

4. Whiteboard

(Price: Under $20)

Sometimes it’s hard trying to start or continue working on something you’re working on when you don’t exactly remember where you left off. Having a WHITEBOARD in your bedroom studio is very useful for your workflow needs.

WHY IT IS USEFUL: having a whiteboard can help you write a to-do list recording some tracks. It could also help you remember where you left off. You could also write your song arrangements and the flow of your podcast. It is like having sticky notes but better in my opinion.

Side tip: get one that you can hang on the wall to save space.

5. Label Maker

(Price: Under $100)

You wouldn’t want to mix up all of your power supplies and adapters; hence, I bring forth to you the best solution! A LABEL MAKER. Some people use masking tape and a sharpie for labeling their gear, sometimes they don’t even use tap and write directly on the equipment. But for me, I don’t want to write on my gear worth thousands of dollars.

WHY IT IS USEFUL: Having all your gear and wires labeled correctly saves you time in setting up in and out of your bedroom studio. Plus, instead of using markers or tape, with a label maker, everything looks more professional and cleaner. It is not only saving you time but also protecting your gear from the harm of plugging the wrong chord to the wrong spot.

Side tip: for labeling wires, you can wrap the label around and stick the ends to themselves like sort of a tag.

6. Powered USB Hub

(Price: Around $50 depending on how many ports)

Having a lot of gear that is powered by USB can be frustrating, you got your hard drives, midi, audio interface, etc. and sometimes the USB ports of your computer are not enough, or the USB ports at the back of the CPU are hard-to-reach, good thing there is something such as a POWERED USB HUB.

WHY IS IT USEFUL: now that you have a powered USB hub, you can connect all of your essential gear to your computer simultaneously without having to remove anything. Especially nowadays when most of your gear is USB powered, and you need to connect your hard drives.

Side tip: try to get a massive hub that can connect 8 or more devices so you can charge your phone while everything else is connected.

7. Power Surge or Power Strip

(Price: Around $20)

Out of all the stuff, that you didn’t realize you needed; a POWER STRIP is the most commonly overlooked. It powers up your equipment and also protects the gear by not potentially damaging power surges.

WHY IS IT USEFUL: not only can you plug in your electronic devices to power them, you can also set up your music studio anywhere in the room away from the wall plugs. A power strip acts as an extension cord and also safeguards your thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment from a short circuit.

Side tip: get the one with individual switches so you can turn off electrical current for the plugs you’re not using.


Price: $2

Having a tiny brush around your desk helps to get the dust off your gear, like your keyboard, midi keyboard, mixer, etc. You can get these at Walmart or Target.

Side tip: you can also get one of your girlfriend’s old make-up brushes.

Price: $150-$600

Some of the new guitar amplifiers in the market right now come with a built-in USB audio interface, this can save you money and space. You can also practice shredding at the same time.

Side tip: to save space, get a tiny desk amp that is battery powered so you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker when you’re let’s say, in the kitchen or bathroom.

Price: $349

I just wanted to add this in because sometimes when you’re working on a project, you get thirsty and might want to have a cold beer or soda without having to go to the kitchen. The dimensions of this product are 18.5 x 31.1 x 17.7 inches, and it weighs approximately 47 lbs.

Side tip: this product can be helpful if you’re in the zone and do not want to stop to get a drink in your kitchen, but the best thing this adds to your bedroom studio is the SWAG.

Price: Around $10-$15

Another useful item for your bedroom music studio, this small CLIP-ON TUNER can help you tune your guitar without having to plug anything. Just clip it on the headstock, pluck E-A-D-G-B-E, adjust the tuning machine heads and you’re all set!

Side tip: this tune will work on any string instrument, like a ukulele, bass, banjo, and even a violin. They come with batteries, but if you need to replace them, you’re going to need 1 CR2 battery.

Price: $12.99

Small but effective, These GUITAR HANGERS are handy bedroom studio accessories, especially when you want a clean, space-saving, organized workspace.

Side tip: imagine the space you save hanging your guitars instead of having a guitar stand, and I know you own more than one guitar am I right? Plus it can also be a decoration for your room/ studio.


Parting Words

Having your bedroom and music recording studio in the same room due to the lack of space in your house can frequently be hard because you have to sleep where you work and for some of us, it can be challenging to be productive.

Meanwhile, others say that you can be your most creative self when you are most comfortable, but either way, if this is all the space you have right now, it’s okay. The real creativity comes from you and only you. It doesn’t matter if you have a big studio or your bedroom is your studio.


Some of these products are affordable yet will make a big difference in making your job easier, save you time, improve your workflow, improve sound quality, and protect your gear. I hope this list of products was helpful for you to be more productive and create more projects!

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